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The SMS – Service Management System is a full featured business solution for the services industry. It encompasses all of your critical needs. The SMS is a Web and Mobile solution that will allow your customers to schedule services via a Web portal and allow your technicians to manage their work through our Mobile App.

Our all-inclusive system handles all of the functions through the Web or Mobile App and instantly updates the ERP with all this activity through the seamless integration of the SMS

Dispatch Management

Dispatchers have complete access to all calendars and technician schedules. Multiple calendars can be setup and managed by Company, Region, or Technician. Changes made by the dispatcher, customer, or technician send instant notification to all parties affected by the change. Changes are recorded as a history record to the related Work Order.

Work Order Management

It includes all the functions necessary to process a work order from an original quote (estimate) at the point-of-sale, through material purchasing, delivery, installation, and invoicing. As the Work Order is processed, the information is integrated throughout the system between the ERP and Mobile App.


Dispatchers use the Google calendar system to schedule installations by installer and date. Data from the Work Order is automatically added to the calendar. Technicians are instantly notified of any assignments or changes to their calendar. The “sales order status–lines” in the ERP are automatically updated with the installation date and the installer’s name.

Mobile Access

Technicians have complete access to Work schedules via Google Calendar, Work Orders, Work Order details, directions via Google maps, customer information and the capability to update the Work Order.

Mobile Payment

Payment (cash, check, or credit card) can be accepted from the customer at the job site, processed through the Mobile App and immediately update the ERP database.

Electronic Signature

The mobile app has the capability to capture signatures for credit card acceptance or sign off of the completed Work Order. Captured signatures are processed and attached to the Work Order as a permanent record on the ERP database.

Technical Management & GPS Tracking

Technicians have the capability to manage Work Orders, view, and adjust schedules, take pictures of Work site and attach them to the Work Order, all through the Mobile App. Built in GPS and Location tracking are all part of the system.

Sales Analysis & Reporting

As Work Orders are processed through the ERP, the system collects valuable information for management: Sales for the Month, Profitability reports, Sales commissions, and Costing. Sales Analysis and Managerial reports  may also be exported to Excel for further assessment.

Service History Tracking

Changes to the Work Order by the technician on the Mobile App are directly updated in the ERP. History records are generated from the creation of the Work Order through Invoicing. All history records are attached to the Work Order and can be easily accessed on the ERP database.


Quotes & Estimates may be easily prepared by the sales staff. Convenient search-windows provide quick access to customers, products, and inventory. Commercial jobs may be priced using gross margin or other profit factors. The Quote / Estimate can be printed using several different formats (detail pricing line by line, a single “lump-sum” price, or pricing in bundles.) Quotes are easily converted into a work order with one click of the mouse.

Back office Processes

Back office Process

The SMS is backed by the stable and proven Comp-U-Floor ERP system. All of your back office processes are supported, including all of the necessary accounting modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, and General Ledger. Fully integrated with sales, purchasing, and inventory there will never be any need to create manual journal entries that could not be automatically generated by the system.

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